Dutch translation

Dutch translation

We deliver fast and reliable Dutch translations, perfectly worded. Whatever type of text you would like to have translated into Dutch, you will benefit from our translators' specialist, professional expertise.
Only native speakers who have higher level qualifications work on our translations.

For all sectors
Kitz Global delivers Dutch texts and translations from Dutch into every other language in the world. We do of course only work with specialist staff who understand the specific requirements of the respective sector, who are able to make good linguistic decisions. This means that your technical texts, personal documents and websites, as are legal contracts and catalogues are perfectly translated.

Speedy delivery
Kitz Global guarantees the speediest delivery of texts that you will find anywhere on the market. Our team work almost right around the clock and are in a position to take on and deliver your translation work at any time.

The Kitz Global quality guarantee
Great value rates and speedy delivery is what makes texts translated by Kitz Global stand out. All texts are of course delivered in that guaranteed and proofed Kitz Global quality! The long list of our satisfied customers says it all.
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The language of the Netherlands, also known as Dutch, is, like the German language, one of the Indo-Germanic languages. Low German, and also English and Frisian, have many similarities with Dutch. Afrikaans stems from Dutch.
The Dutch language is often mistakenly termed as 'Hollandish'. Actually, 'Hollandish' is a special dialect spoken in the west of the Netherlands in the Holland region.

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