Professional translations

Technical translations and special fields of expertise are in good hands with Kitz Global. Our professional translators with extensive experience in their field know the specialist terms and make the right choice of word in every language!

Translations for advertising and marketing
Marketing texts must do one thing above all, and that is sell! This requires a very sensitive choice of words, knowledge of the characteristics of the market and, of course, marketing experience. Be it translations for advertising brochures, catalogues, flyers, websites and any type of advertising material - entrust your products to our experienced translators!

Technical translations
From technical operating manuals to special professional publications, we translate all your technical texts professionally and to the point! Test us!

Certified / Sworn translations
Get your certified / sworn translations of official documents for legal purposes from Kitz Global in the customary top-quality! For contracts, personal documents, certificates, legal certificates, etc. you can further rely on our absolute discretion!

Kitz Global provides certified translations in all languages and for all countries in the world. Please note that regulations for certified translations differ in each country. When placing your order, please indicate the country you want to use the translation in.

Medical translations
Trained physicians translate your professional publications or other medical specialist texts, taking account of the medical specialist terms into every requested language.

Important financial documents such as annual reports, audit reports, balance sheets, tax reports and many other are processed at Kitz Global by graduated business economists and tax experts with additional training as translators. This way, you can be sure that crucial terminology is translated into the target language correctly and for your benefit.

Is your special requirements not listed here? We’ll find the right translator and professional for other subjects, too! Test us NOW!

Kitz Global is certified according to ISO 17100.

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