FAQ - frequently asked questions

How is the translation charged?
Translations are charged by the number of words in the source text. This way, it can be determined in advance how much the translation will cost. There are no nasty surprises or imprecise calculations. But of course we’ll also be happy to provide flat-rate offers on request.

How fast is a translation completed?
One of our own main advantages is speed. Smaller orders will be returned the very same day. Including proofreading, we can translate around 1,500 words a day.

What is the difference between translation and localisation?
The translation process includes more than just transferring the terminology of a text from one language into another. Every text contains a message, which must be transferred into another language whilst taking into account the information context and cultural background. The concept of localisation is strictly related to this. Localisation is an adaptation of a product or service to the conditions and agreements of the country or place the text is to be used in, at which the distinctive features, the codes conveyed and the message conveyed remain fully intact.

Do you provide translation of official documents such as reports, marriage certificates, etc.?
Yes. Of course we also provide translation of official documents, which require the translator to be officially certified. We translate all official documents into all languages and for all countries. For certified translations, almost every country has different rules. So please indicate in your request in which country the certified translation is to be used.

Will my documents be treated confidentially?
Your documents will, as all other texts, of course be treated as strictly confidential in accordance with the ethical guidelines for translation agencies. On request, we’ll also be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Do you accept small orders, too?
Yes, of course. For smaller orders (under 150 words) we charge a minimum rate of between € 20.00 and € 40.00, depending on the language and subject. We do not charge minimum rates for regular clients.

Into which languages do you translate?
Into all living, that is spoken, languages + Latin.

How can I become a freelance translator for Kitz Global?
In order to ensure the quality which our clients are accustomed to, we place very high requirements on our providers.
We strictly work only with professional, full-time translators. We believe that translators cannot competently translate into more than one language (mother tongue) while maintaining a high level of quality. Should you have at least three years translation experience and additional specialist fields, as well as be able to provide two references which attest to your translation quality, please send us your resume and your asked rates by email.

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