Thai translation

Thai translation

Translations into and from Thai are carried out superbly by native-speaker translators at Kitz Global. The popular customer service provided by Kitz Global ensures a speedy, uncomplicated delivery, at transparent, great-value rates.

Specialist native-speaking staff
Our team of Thai translators includes very well trained specialist staff whose native language is Thai. That is why our translations are always perfect, clear and accurate.

Sector-specific translations
Anyone who does business in south-east Asia needs marketing material in Thai in order to be successful in these markets.

All languages and Thai
Our translators are capable of translating your texts from Thai into more than twenty languages, including Japanese and Korean, or from these languages into Thai.

Speedy translations!
Our customers are often time-pressed and need translations into Thai in real time. We are accustomed to working under time pressures and always deliver your translations on-time, according to your requirements.

The Kitz Global quality guarantee
We translate Thai texts for a range of international customers who trust our on-time and reliable service. We offer high-quality Thai translations at really great prices. Just give our Thai translation service a go!

Thai is spoken predominantly in Thailand and there are more than 60 million native speakers across the globe. The Thai language is one of the Kam Tai languages in the Tai Kadai linguistic family. Thai is what is known as a tonal language – the words attain differing connotations from various pitches. There are five different tones in Thai. Thai is written using its own Thai alphabet. Thai is spoken by more than 60 million people throughout Asia.

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