Hungarian translation

Hungarian translation

At Kitz Global we deliver on-time, high;y accurate Hungarian translations. Texts into Hungarian and from Hungarian are worked on by native-speaking translators. Specialist translators ensure that your translations are clear, accurate and fluent.

Hungarian translations specifically for your sector
Our Hungarian translators have higher-level qualifications and also additional specialist training in specific areas, which means that Hungarian translations of technical instructions, advertising texts, legal documents are worked on by qualified native speakers who pay attention to every subtlety and nuance in the language.

On-time, great-value translations
Processing time for your translations is extremely short – we work quickly! A speed which is, however, not reflected in the price, since our translation rates are transparent and fair!

The Kitz Global quality guarantee
Our quality guarantee applies to Hungarian translations, just as it does for all other languages. First-rate translations at a fair price – as quickly as possible – is the maxim here at Kitz Global. Experience this for yourself – send us your text and have it translated into Hungarian.

Hungarian is known as "Magyar" by native speakers and is spoken by 16 million people across the globe, of whom 10 million live in Hungary. This means it is by far the most widely spread non-Indo-European language in Europe.
Hungarian is the official language in Hungary and since 2004 it has also been one of the official languages in the EU. Hungarian is one of the Finno-Ugrian languages and is therefore related to Finnish.

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