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Qualitätsgarantie zertifiziert nach ISO 17100

Certified translation in Lausanne
All languages

Kitz Global has specialized in certified translations since 2005 and we carry them out in all languages.

Do you need a certified translation in Lausanne of an official document, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or a driving licence? We will take care of it quickly and reliably! For a certified translation in Lausanne, you don't need to come to the translation agency in person, we just need the electronic copy, i.e. the scan or a very good photo of the document you want to have certified translated. Certified translations in Lausanne are carried out by sworn translators and we guarantee that our certified translations will be accepted everywhere.

Upload your document to our translation portal -> find out the price and delivery time -> order online -> receive your document within 24-48 hours

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Of course, you can also send us the documents for a non-binding quote by e-mail and you will receive a reply within 10 minutes, then you can also pay by bank transfer. We are available to answer your questions at any time in Lausanne and throughout Switzerland. 

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Delivery of the certified translation in Lausanne

You will receive the certified translation you ordered by e-mail on time and by the specified date at the latest. If you also require a paper version of the certified translation in Lausanne for submission to the authorities, please indicate this when placing your order and we will send it to you also by post.


Kitz Global - Certified translations Lausanne

Certified translations are carried out by sworn translators.

Documents Typically Translated by Sworn Translators

  • Legal Documents: Contracts, court judgments, powers of attorney, wills.
  • Civil Status Documents: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees.
  • Academic Records: Diplomas, transcripts, certificates of study.
  • Immigration Documents: Passports, visa applications, naturalization papers.
  • Business Documents: Articles of incorporation, financial statements, patents.

Certified translation in Lausanne into and from all languages

English - French - Italian

Dutch - Spanish - Portuguese

Russian - Polish - Czech

Hungarian - Romanian - Bulgarian

Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian

Arabic - Chinese - Japanese

Greek - Turkish - Serbian

Bosnian - Croatian - Slovakian

Ukrainian - Thai - Persian

Danish - Swedish - Norwegian

Albanian - Amharic - Armenian

Slovenian - Macedonian

and even more languages...

Certified translations throughout Switzerland by Kitz Global

Geneva - Zurich - Zug - Lucerne

Basel - Lausanne - Bern - Sankt Gallen

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